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facePanel.mel 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

one click to isolate & view through a camera

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Last Modified:10/14/2006
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//////////////////facePanel.mel////////////// //////////////////OVERVIEW/////////////////// Use this script to view ONLY the face geometry and face controls when animating. You could do the same thing with a few mouse clicks... But it's nice to have a hotkey and save some extra mouse clicks!!!! Besides it works on all panels Found it very useful to view and animate only the face and it's controls by turning any maya panel into a "facePanel"... Other panels show full character and all the controls or whatever you like of course. //////////////////WHAT DOES IT DO//////////// Simple script that isolates and views the contents of a quick select set through a camera. ///////////////// WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO/////////////////////// Create a camera and name it faceCam. Put all your face geometry and face controls into a quick select set called face. Or you can modify script to work with your camera and sets. Read on. //////////////////CUSTOMIZE////////////////// The quick select set is called face (line 47). faceCam (line 46) is the camera constrained to follow the character's head & face controls. Feel free to change set and camera names to anything you have in your scene. You should lock all the channels of your camera after you have constrained it to the head. Don't lock the the focalLength. Adjust focalLength to resize the face to fit any panel size. Yeah you can even create a control slider for this next to your face controls and link it to the focalLength. /////////////////HOW TO INSTALL////////////// Copy this script to your script folder and source it. Put your character's face geometry and face controls into the quick select set. Create a new Marking Menu and assign the command facePanel; and use the Marking Menu in the hotkey editor. Assign a hotkey press and release. Mine is ctrl+`

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