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FBIK CharacterControl 1.2.2 for Maya (maya script)

UI for character control. like Motion Bulder.

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Last Modified:01/04/2009
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  • Centauri

    Centauri said over 16 years ago:

    Thanks a lot Shinsen. Works good with your "createFBIK_skeleton.mel" as well. i agree with fbonniwell
  • ty6082

    ty6082 said over 16 years ago:

    It must be a wonderfull script. I'm very need it now. Everytime I click on " download ", nothing happend. I have tried many times. How to download these scripts and plugins? Who can tell me. thank you.
  • Martin Schmidt

    Martin Schmidt said over 16 years ago:

    hi, it's a great script, but i couldn't figure out how to use it with several fbik characters in one scene, because one has to use either a prefix for the joints after binding in order to make another fbik, or use the joint labeling method. if u use prefixes, the controls selection window won't find any controls, and when creating the fbik with the labeling method the window won't even open. maybe u know a workaround... thanx in advance martin
  • poder

    poder said over 16 years ago:

    I think mirror pose is a great idea.....
  • fbonniwell

    fbonniwell said over 16 years ago:

    There are some features that would be great to add to this script. Here are my first ideas. 1. share poses like you can in Motionbuilder. 2. pose match characters position based on selected effector. 3. Mirror pose Thanks for the cool script!
  • henk69

    henk69 said almost 17 years ago:

    This is really gonna save me some time
  • Jason Parks

    Jason Parks said almost 17 years ago:

    Just downloaded it and it looks good. Very nice controls for FBIK in Maya. Thanks ShinsenTarou!
  • ajitsinghyadav

    ajitsinghyadav said almost 17 years ago:

    Motionbuilder in MAYA 7 best thing i have ever seen for maya. ********** Now i am using it from last month it easy to animate your character. Now easy to pose character make walk cycle,run or Jump. ********** Use it with:- Biped Factory ( FBIK / HumanIK ) 1.0.0 Also See This Tutorial :-

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