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File Monster Lite (Import & Icon Tool) 1.5.6 for Maya (maya script)

UI shows you most of the files you can import into Maya.

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  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:01/23/2014
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Version History

   - Icons are now in their own scrollable area so you can always see the buttons and top area
   - Prefs are now at the top, collapsed by default
   - Supports flt 'OpenFlight' file format, thanks for the request.
   - Cleaned up the file format code, should be just a split second faster.
   - In the rare case you see, 'Error: IndexError: list index out of range', it's probably that the poly objects are mostly in the negative space.
      Eveything will work, except the autoscaling. I only saw this once, if it's a recurring issue I can see about fixing it.

   - 'Create Maya File' button now only shows up after you've imported a file. Also helps as a little reminder of the last file you imported.
      Disapears after window is refreshed... sort of like Dory from Finding Nemo.
   - Number of Columns now shows the current setting.

   - Fixed autoscaling not working correctly.

   - Added 'scale & frame' option, that scales the top most group of your imported object and frames it in the view. This happens automatically when you import an object. Scale fits the top most group within the render box or to whatever size you specify. Size is based off the bounding box size. There is an option to turn this off.
   - Prefs are now in a collapsable frame
   - New Shelf button icon design
   - New 'Create New .mb' icon design

   - Added checkerboard pattern for the cells so they read better.

   - Icons are now png with alphas.

   - Fixed missing new 'click to create image' icon.
   - You can now change your icon view size as well as your render size.
      So you can, for example, render 256x256 and view 64x64 pixel icons if you wish.

   - Fixed open folder issue on windows
   - Minor UI changes

   - Fixed File Path & delete unused nodes errors.

   - Added missing icon images. (sorry!)
   - Added buttons for deleting unused Nodes & File Path Editor
   - Running the File Path Editor is only available in the newer Maya.

   - Added button to save as a new maya .mb file of existing scene. Recognizes if it already exists.
   - Made new video on how to use the script.

   - Added Alembic file support

*v1.4.2 Fix
   - Minor fixes.

*v1.4.1 Fix
   - Fixed issue with icon image not updating correctly.

*Update Dec 23rd - V1.4
   - Removed auto refresh & added swap image, so after you create a new icon, it just changes only that image,
     so no need to refresh the whole thing anymore.

*Update Dec 22nd - V1.3
   - New Icons for top buttons
   - Second button moves selected object to origin.
        - It centers pivot, moves pivot to 0 in the Y (puts pivot on the ground), then moves object to center.
        - Good if you're importing objects created in other programs which are offset and hard to find.
   - The 'create sphere as a background' button is now a 'create a stage' button. Just sets of a nice looking box & lights.
   - Film gate now toggles on & off
   - "Last imported file" so you can:
         - Copy the text of imported file should you need to save a new file, or rename something.
         - So you can remember what you just imported, some of us get tired and want to know what we just did. ;)
   - Multiple columns! If you need more than 8, let me know, but you're required to show me your setup cause i'd like to see that.
   - Option to turn off automatically update UI after generating a thumbnail icon image. This is good if you have a LOT of files.
   - NOTE!!! After you change settings in the prefs, it updates the optionVar right away,
     but you have to manually click the refresh button to implement the changes.

*Update Dec 17th - V1.2
   - Added Windows compatibility.
   - Render no longer lock to hardware render, it'll just render whatever you have it set at.

I've added file open if it's a .ma or .mb file. (Warning-It forces the file open so make sure you make changes, it won't ask you to save.)