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Fill Fluid Along Curves 0.8.0 for Maya (maya script)

fill fluid based on the distance from voxels to curve

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Last Modified:08/02/2014
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fluid, mel

This script can fill the fluid voxels adjacent to the curves. Select the curves and then shift select a fluid container and run this script. 

Sample Step: this script samples the position on curves based on the curve parameter. Sample step controls the sample frequency to the curve parameter, the less the samplt step the more accurate the result and you can get a less-gap result. 

Density: define the value add to the voxels. The gradient map below is used to control the variance of the density and the look-up value is curve parameter. Turn on the Use Ramp to active the gradient control.

Radius: define the sample area along the curve. By increasing this parameter,  more voxels will be filled.

Clear Fluid: set the fluid contain density to zero

When you active the main function of this script, a dialog window will pop up and show the total loop steps it may take。 It gives you a method to determine whether the parameters fit you machine because if you select many curves and the volume resolution is set to a high number, it would take a long time to caculate.

P.S. for now, it's just a test version; the script may be a little unstable so leave me a message if you find any bugs. 

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