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Find and Push Apart intersecting Geos FREE 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

A script that finds intersecting geos by bounding box overlap and selects, deletes, or hides them.

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017

Operating Systems

  • Windows


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// Find and Push Apart intersecting Geos UI and Script for Autodesk Maya

This script finds intersecting geos by bounding box overlap. The found intersecting geos can either be selected, hidden, deleted, push apart or scaled down to resolve intersection. It tries to replicate the "Cinema 4D Push Apart Effector".


You can do one of the following with the found intersecting geos:

- SELECT: select intersecting geos

- HIDE: hides intersecting geos

- SCALE APART : scale them to make them not intersect anymore (PRO version only)

- PUSH APART : push towards closest free direction (PRO version only)

- PUSH ALONG X/X/Z only pushes in the specified direction (PRO version only)


Additional options to set:

- Radius: How far apart the objects should be (only influences Push apart and Scale apart) - Default 0.1

- Iterations: Nr of iterations. The more the less errors but the slower the script will run (only influences Push apart and Scale apart)- Default 3



a) Copy the file ( / to your Maya scripts directory. On Windows that is Documents/maya/20xx/scripts/

b) Select the geometries to check on

c) In the Script Editor (Python), paste the following code:


import mo_findIntersectingGeosFree as mo_fi



d) Hit execute (or Ctrl Enter)



import mo_findIntersectingGeosFree as mo_fi

geos = pm.selected()

mo_fi.findIntersectingGeos(geos, select_overlapping=True)


Get PRO version here >>

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