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Fit Morph! 2.5 for Maya (maya script)

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Last Modified:07/03/2002
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Fit any selected geometry or components into the surface shape of other selected geometry. Options include snapping to an object, fitting to it's bounding box, and "shrink wrapping" one model's shape to another model's shape; sort of a "lite" 3d morphing functionality. This script will move the vertices on a cube, into the surface shape of a sphere, quite easily; making it possible to do things like a resolution independent blend shape from a cube to a sphere! A great usage for this script recently during a production was to move the hi-res textured ground plane's vertices to line up exactly with the low-res stand-in ground plane that the characters were animated across -- a real life saver! Another usage is to quickly make low-res objects whose vertices are perfectly aligned onto the hires surface, for wrap deforming hi-res geometry. Yet another usage people have told me about is to quickly and easily make multiple LOD characters for a hi-res model, using old, pre-existing Low LOD characters with pre-made UVs! The possibilities must go on. Email me with what you use the script for!

The script gets less accurate and takes much longer to calculate when working with hires, complex models, and uses a lot of ram on hi-res objects, so beware. This script will *NOT* simply morph hi-resolution complex topology as resolution independent objects... it will probably crash if you try surface matching on too hi a resolution. Works on polygon vertices much better than nurbs cvs, although it is fine to use nurbs as the target surface. I suggest using med-res polygons as the surface to morph, and low res nurbs as the target to morph onto. It uses a tricky way of calculating the closest point on the target surface, which requires no plugins or complex data structures, or slow runtime compiled vector / magnitude math calculations :-D Have fun and enjoy!
* Added a couple usability fixes/updates, selection order is now consistent.

* Selection order doesn

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