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Fluid Create Cache + 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

output total time, and average per frame time.

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Last Modified:04/09/2007
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I modify the alias original "doFluidsDiskCache.mel" to add some function to fluid cache.


- It will show total time and average per frame time it's took to cache your fluid.

- It will prompt you delete the cache node if it found one, no need to check and click "delete cache".

- When you choose "one file per frame" method to cache fluid. It will automatically capture each frame for you while caching your fluid, means you didn't need to playblast again after cache. You will find it's much faster to use this script to cache and capture screen at the sane time, than playbast after your cache, you would save more time when the container is getting higher resolution... (in terms of "oneFilePerFrame Cache")


info it will show like this:

[ Frame 1 - 20 ]          Total Time: 0.39 mins            Each Frame: 0.021 mins

[ Frame 1 - 20 ]          Total Time: 0.16 mins            Each Frame: 0.009 mins


** generally, you would get much faster to cache fluid in singleFile cache,in both cache time and playback time. But if your container is quite hiRes, you will found it's better to use oneFilePerFrame, you will get slower playback time, but maya would not need to copy the huge size cache each time when you save your file, beside,
singleFile cache will cause problem when it exceed a system's file size limit.


** the capture file format will choose as render global setting, please choose the format you want in render global. and It's set to full percent playblast. means scale 1.0 option in playblast menu. All the capture file name will follow your scene name like  "", and placed in your porject image folder.


** Install, please copy the script file to your document script folder, don't override your original doFluidsDiskCache.mel.


** I only test on maya8.5, didn't test on othe version yet. put you could try it.


any bugs...or comments please write me.








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