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Focus on Mouse Cursor 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Focusing on mouse cursor on any polygon object.

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When you want to focus on certain spot on polygon surface in Maya,

you've had to select the object's component close to the spot you want to focus on.

And that is relatively inconvenient if there are no component(vertex or edge) on that spot.

This script helps you to focus on any spot you click on polygon object, regardless of any already selected component or object. 

This works similarly to Autodesk Mudbox's 'Focus on mouse' command(F key). 

How to use

1. Download the python file and load the file on Maya's script editor.

2. To use this script like maya's 'Frame Selected' command(F key, zoom to selected object),
   you have to create a custom hotkey connected to this script.

   Open hotkey editor(Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Hotkey Editor)

   and create a new hotkey(assign key anything you want to use),

   copy the loaded script on script editor and paste it to 'Command:'.

   assign information on 'Name:', 'Description:', 'Category:' freely.

   Choose 'Python' on 'Language:' option.

3. Accept and save hotkey and test if it works well.
   when you press hotkey you assigned, cursor will turn into cross cursor. Then click on polygon's surface.

   If it works well, the persp camera will focus on the spot you clicked on the polygon's surface. 

* I added an text explanation late. Sorry for inconvenience.  

follow the linked video. 

I hope you use it conveniently.  

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