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Free Control Curves UI 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Tool for easily creating and editing rigging control curves for Maya.

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  • 2019, 2018

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Cannot run the script

Submitted by: David Mattock David Mattock
Hi,  I am trying to get this to work with Maya 2022  but I get this error trying to run it
"# Error: NameError: file C:/Users/User/Documents/maya/2022/prefs/scripts\ line 13: name 'reload' is not defined # "

Many thanks

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  • KiFLo

    KiFLo said over 2 years ago:

    Hi David,
    Try this:

    Step 0. Copy "" and "" into your Maya scripts directory
    Step 1. Navigate to your Maya directory and go to Documents\maya\2022\prefs\scripts folder
    Step 2. Open the file "" file with notepad
    Step 3. Under the line "import bs_controls as bsCon" add a line "import importlib"
    Step 4. In front of the line "reload(bsCon)" add in "importlib." (The line of code should look like "importlib.reload(bsCon)"
    Step 5. Save the document
    Step 6. In Maya, Open script editor on bottom right of your maya
    Step 7. Press the "+" sign in the middle of the pop up window and click Python
    Step 8. Copy and paste the codes:
    import bs_controlsUI
    import importlib
    bsCon = bs_controlsUI.BSControlsUI()
    Step 9. Highlight the whole code, middle mouse hold, and drag to the shelf of choice
    Step 10. Click the new shelf button you created to run
    To further explain, the script was written in python 2 language and we need to make it into python 3 language in order to run it. Cheers!
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    swatch said 9 months ago:

    Cheers, man!!  You probably helped many more people than you know!  Thank you!
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    guigui006 said 9 months ago:

    i got this errorafter doing the above / version 2024 
    # Error: NameError: file C:\Users/Ramy/Desktop/bsControls\ line 12: name 'importlib' is not defined
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    ErikSvensson said 11 months ago:

    Thanks! I had to do this in 2024 and I suspected it was python 2-3 related. 

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