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Last Modified:08/27/2017
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GER 2.0 - Maya 2013 - DPT Crashing

Submitted bytristratos tristratos
After installing GER 2.0 under Maya 2013 64bit, whenever I run DPT and simply juct simply click on a frame (in the attached example x3 but that is the case in any I may click on), I always get a complete maya fatal error crash!!

Please check the image attached

I even deleted all my prefs and let maya create the defaults to test the plugin out in a simple scene with nothing created.
Just open maya, open DPT and the click on a frame leads to a total crash!!

I almost tried everything! Due to the issuses I had with my setup, I reinstalled maya and plugin on a native machine,  and the it still crashes!

I've noticed that in the about info of DPT it still says 1.8 and last update Jan2012!!
Is that normal when 2.0 version is the one that this plugin is titled of!?
I even redownloaded and reinstalled the plugin of yours and copied the 2013 version of it to my setup but it still says 1.8 in DPT and still crashes!!

Is theer something that i am doing wrong or the scripts are not updated yet to 2.0 in the provided archive?

Please help


Comments on this bug:

  • rbublitz

    rbublitz said almost 12 years ago:

    You are correct. Happens for me too. Don't have an answer yet. The exact same code still works for Maya2012. I didn't change anything between the versions.
  • tristratos

    tristratos said almost 12 years ago:

    I just hope for an updated version that would fix this issue as DPT is one of the real strengths of your scripts!!
  • tristratos

    tristratos said over 11 years ago:

    Any luck of fixing this annoying crash from 2013 port of your wonderful plugin ?
  • rbublitz

    rbublitz said over 11 years ago:

    I've released a fix. Actually, it was my faulty documentation in which I mistakenly stated you can use the same version of PyQt4 from Maya2012 in Maya2013. This is NOT the case. I've updated the documentation for the right version of PyQt4.
  • tristratos

    tristratos said over 11 years ago:

    That was the issue. I verify that the problem is now resolved under 2013 as well. YOU ARE THE BEST!! Can't wait to test out your scratchpad feature!

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