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Label Generator 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Create curve text objects with ease and precision.

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Last Modified:04/12/2017
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maya, Align

Label Generator v1.0.0

Create text labels with ease. No more stray groups or generically named curves or parts to manage. Create the text as unified objects. Align, offset, and/or attach them on creation, as needed. The tool allows for the creation of multiple and individual labels when labels are separated by a colon(:).  Keep it simple and keep it organized with "Label Generator 1."  The script utilizes the "matplotlib." The library should be part of Maya's installed python components by default.

  • Create text based on your chosen font. 
  • Select an object or control and activate the 'align' option  to align on creation.
  • Activate 'offset' and set translate and rotate values to be applied on creation.
  • Select an object or control and activate the 'attach' option  to attach to selection.

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