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QTown 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Build a fractal city based on selected polygons

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Last Modified:04/30/2017
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city, building, fractal


Create District Geometry Not Working

Submitted byi clemens i clemens
Hi. Just want to say many thanks for taking the time to put this script together; the only aspect which is not working correctly for me is when I want to 'Create District Geometry,' as nothing happens.

When I 'Create Districts' the plane and multiple faces are created, although I am confronted with this error:
// Error: file: C:/Users/James/Documents/maya/2013-x64/scripts/icQTown.mel line 1667: qTown_basePlane_geo has only one piece. Ignored. //
// Error: file: C:/Users/James/Documents/maya/2013-x64/scripts/icQTown.mel line 1667: Command polySeparate failed. Open Script Editor for details. //

I believe this is the reason behind why the 'Create District Geometry' isn't functioning for me, although as I am still relatively new to Maya I a struggling to come up with a solution.

I am using Maya 2013 64bit on a Windows 7 system (just for reference).

Kind regards


Comments on this bug:

  • i clemens

    i clemens said about 11 years ago:

    Thanks for the report. I can confirm the bug and I guess it must have something to do with the current version of maya. I have to look into it but only can do next week. It will get fixed. Thanks.

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