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QTown 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Build a fractal city based on selected polygons

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Last Modified:04/30/2017
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city, building, fractal

Feature Request

on curved

Submitted by:robert saintbull robert saintbull
quote: "I also took out some unnecessary features, such as the curved option to work with curved surfaces, as I found that I hardly ever used this functionality." I think this feature would be very very usefull! Can you include it easely? I was playng with the previous version of this script and I liked very much I was able to build cities on sphere and cylinder like geometry, and the fact the the buildings were created according to the normal of the selected faces. Even If I found a bug: Every accessory geometry were created in the center of the sphere, but can be just deleted after all. Can you give us this possibility like a christmas present?

Comments on this feature request:

  • i clemens

    i clemens said over 10 years ago:

    Thanks for the comment, though I am afraid that it cannot be easily re-implemented. The old version of the script used simple face extrusion which made it easy to use any geometry. The downside of this is that the basic shapes which are generated are very limited. With the current version each building is generated individually and the base face is only used for the general placement. Especially the additional top geometry can get tricky then. It might be something worth including in the next version but its not going to happen soon due to current projects. I will put it on my list though. Thanks.
  • robert saintbull

    robert saintbull said over 10 years ago:

    Thanks a lot. I will wait... I'm just thinking a way to extrapolate the normal vector of the face and orient the building (included the cubes on Top) on that...

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