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Robs Rigging Tools 2.5.2 for Maya (maya script)

A set of Rigging tools to speed up the rigging process.

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:06/27/2017
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Rig, Rigging, maya

Now updated to version 2.5!
This newer version of the toolset has an updated UI look and layout, using drop down tabs to minimize used screen space. 
This is a set of tools that I created while I was a student at the DAVE School to speed up the rigging process for myself and other students. This is my first toolset that I am releasing to the public, and any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and looked into. I want to make a helpful tool that can grow and evolve over time based on the needs of others. 

The top of the tool includes options for most common rigging actions, such as group dreation, and selecting or renaming based on the imput field. 
Joints Tab- Tools dealing with joints and joint placement, connecting joints, and orginazation. 
Skinning & Weighting Tab- Tools for painting weights and binding skin, as well as selection options to make painting easier. 
Controls Tab- Tools for  creating controllers and modifying them to fit the desired size and shape, as well as orientation, grouping, and control color.
Constraints Tab- Tools for dealing with constraints of all kinds and using offset as well. IK handles are also taken care of here.
Hierarchy Tab- Tools for modifying hierarchy placement and channel modifiers for controls. 

The current version is best used in Maya 2017 or erlier. If you have encounter any bugs or errors, please feel free to email me through the last tab in the tool, my personal website, or this website.

Thank you!

-Rob Webb

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