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Scene Tools 2.4.1 for Maya (maya script)

Modeless Maya File Browser and custom Open Scene Dialog with scene thumbnails and note display. Tools for dealing with playblasts, references and more...

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  • 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:09/05/2017
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Scene Tools v2 :

     - Scene management tools
    - Maya File Browser (Modeless File Browser)
    - Added Maya 2018 version

Scene Tools' MEL script


   Just in case you feel like buying me a beer. Cheers!

    The script provides tools with the following features:
        - Modeless Maya File Browser
        - Custom Open Scene Dialog ( thumbnails, playblast, scene note display
            and referencing/importing options )
        - Reload Current/Last Opened Scene
        - Save Scene As... (avoids having to open the sometimes sluggish
            Maya File Dialog)
        - Export All/Selected... custom dialog
        - Save Scene Version
        - Current Scene Info Window
        - Scene Thumbnails and Scene Note creation ( you can choose where to
            store them. Relative to the current project root or relative to
            the opened scene file path )
        - Scene Info HUDS
        - Create Shot Camera at persp position
        - Playblast/Shot Window ( timeline popupMenu (RMB), window popupMenu (control+LMB),
            if shotCamera exists it is used in the viewport by default )
        - Create Scene Playblast
        - View Scene Playblast
        - Custom Reference File Editor (many features and remote editing,
            commandPort 7777 must be available)
        - Channel/Node Control ( lock / hide attributes, lock objects)
        - Filter/Select Node Types
        - Playback Options
        - Setup Render Resolution
        - Setup Working Units (Space, Time)
        - Reload Scene Textures
        - ChannelBox Scene Tools Buttons (doesn't work if you already have
            your own buttons)    
        - Preferences saved in optionVars
        - Autoload script at startup setup

Maya File Browser features:

        - Access to Project folders ( images, sourceimages, playblasts, ... )
        - Access to System folders ( desktop, drives, temp folder, ... )
        - Access to some Scene Tools utils ( save scene version, reload scene,
           scene info, playblast window, reference file editor )
        - Create folders
        - Create materials from image file(s). If you have some objects
          seleted the last material created will be assigned to them.
        - Delete files and empty folders
        - Docked/Floating UI
        - Execute python file name as function
        - Favorite folders
        - Horizontal/Vertical layout (paneLayout)
        - Image Viewer
        - Import Alembic files
        - Import python modules (adds the path to the sys.path if needed)
        - Import/Reference multiple files with or without namespaces
        - Import wav file into scene and set to timeline audio
        - Import OBJ sequences (select files and Left-Click --> Import as OBJ Sequence)
        - Import textures to scene (create file nodes, psdFileTex nodes for Photoshop files)
        - Open Image files in system viewer
        - Open Video files in system viewer
        - Open folder in system file explorer
        - Preferences saved in optionVars ( persistent across Maya sessions )
        - Recent files and projects
        - Rename file ( <Alt + Double-Click> on a file or <Right-Click> and choose
          'Rename file' from the menu
        - Search current folder for files. Live and on-demand. When on-demand
          you have to press the enter button to filter the file list. In Live mode
          the file list is automatically filtered while typing (scriptJob running while in this mode)
        - Select current opened scene
        - Set project from main projects list
        - Source mel scripts
        - View image sequence ( internal (fcheck) and external (tested with
          DJV Imaging on windows) ). Select an image file and
          right-click --> View Sequence (option box for setting other viewer)
        - View scene playblast

Change log:

Version: 2.4.1
Date: August 31, 2017
    - Fixed Bug introduced by Maya 2018 support (Export All/Selected... tool and others)
    - Minor UI tweaks

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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