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Last Modified:05/31/2018
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Mirroring Error (Eye and Knee)

Submitted byDemonicdee Demonicdee
Hi badmanjam,
Ive used your free autorig for some coursework at university on a few occasions and it's worked great!
(Credited you and your auto-rig ofcourse) But unfortunately this time for whatever reason the Slap On rig refuses to mirror over correctly, as the eye controls move backwards into the eye socket for the right eye and the right leg bones appear longer than the right, forcing the right knee outside of the mesh. I've tried to fix this for the past week but unfortuneately I cannot seem to get it working!
I've tried some minor retopology of the face incase there was a topology error causing the malfunction.
I also deleted the right side of the face and mirrored it over again.
The problem with the legs might be something to do with the fact that my model has "robot" legs, which unfortunately I cannot change, as it's part of my brief for the current project.
I wouldn't message if this wasn't urgent as my deadline is coming up.
I have included two screenshots as well.
I hope you can help,

Comments on this bug:

  • Demonicdee

    Demonicdee said over 6 years ago:

    Update: Ive discovered that by using outliner, going to face_grp>face_ctrl_grp>face_head_grp>face_r_grp>faace_r_eye_top_01_rem_ctrl and clicking on the orientContstraint1 I can place the eye controls back into their original positions by changing "R Eye Joint W1" from 0 to 1. But obviously as the character is already rigged, doing this delforms the mesh (unless I change Node State to blocking, but then I cant use them either) I have also managed to get the legs working fine now, the issue was actually because the legs weren't perfectly vertical, but instead in a slightly wider stance, so I have managed to fix that so far at least. I hope you have an answer for the eye problem! Thanks, Darrell
  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said over 6 years ago:

    HI Darrel. Unfortunately I don't have an answer to the eye problem. I'll have to do some surgery on my script. As far as the legs go, not having straight legs is not supposed to hinder someone form using the Slap On script, but it can be damn hard to make it work! Please check for the next installment to have all this fixed.
  • Demonicdee

    Demonicdee said about 6 years ago:

    I'VE FIXED IT! Or at least the eye problem! Haha, the leg issue still confuses me. So the problem seems to be that the actual eyeballs didn't have their transformations frozen yet, or at least I think so, because I have had the same issue with a different character rig and freezing transformations on the eyeballs fixed it. So if anyone is having trouble with the eye controls not staying in the correct place (and I saw one or two in the forum) this may be the fix you are looking for! :D
  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said about 6 years ago:

    Great! Thanks for figuring that out, I'll put that into the script as soon as i can, to avoid that in future.

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