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More than one object matches name

Submitted by: Varto Varto
When i try to run the script it says "// Error: line 42: More than one object matches name: head_geo" but i allready looked in the outliner and there are no other objects with that name.

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  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said about 6 years ago:

    Hmmm, Could be something else got its name changed to head_geo.
    Sometimes what happens is that users change the shape node to head_geo.
    Please make sure your shape node is called head_geoShape and the transform node is called head_geo.
    run this in the script editor to see where all those pesky heads are:
    select "head*geo";
  • Replyindent

    Varto said about 6 years ago:

    Hi, i re check and that was the problem. After changing it it worked. However now i´m having another problem.
    As you can see, the model doesn´t follow the joints. I tryed to unbind and rebind the legs and even tryed to re paint the bone weights but it looks as if the right leg was following another set of joints.
    Any thoughts?
  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said about 6 years ago:

    Please send me a full screen grab. I can't see which joint you have selected.
    It might be with the way the leg has been setup. Although I try and accommodate every leg shape, I find if the leg is bow legged or curving inwards, it sometimes doesn't want to work properly. 
    Try keeping your leg straight (Although ofcourse a  slight natural bend in the knee is important.)
  • Varto

    Varto said about 6 years ago:

    As you can see, the right leg seems to be larger than the left. The legs of the model are mirrored so it shouldn´t have a differente leg joint. If you select the joint you can see that both r_upLeg_result_skin_joint and r_loLeg_result_skin_joint have a value of scale x of 1.041 and it is the only value in yellow, wich means it´s constrained to another thing but i don´t know to what it is. If i could know that i could disable the constrain, re-size the joints and just do the skin again. The value seems to be coming from the blend but i´m kinda still lost on how to fix this.

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