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gamma corrected image plane 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

render image planes in linear color space

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Last Modified:06/28/2011
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Maya's image plane node lacks an easy way to gamma correct it.  So if you have an image plane in sRGB color space, and are trying to render them in a linear color space (for refractions, or whatever other reason), your imagePlanes will not be in the right color space.
This script creates a gamma corrected texture based on the image plane settings, and makes some pre and post render scripts.
When you render, maya will switch to a gamma corrected texture.  When the render ends it returns the image plane to it's original settings.

You will still need to turn on your image plane to render, all this script does is help in linearizing the image plane.

This script assumes your original image plane is in an sRGB color space.

It has been tested with maya's software renderer, mental ray and vray.

save the script to your favorite script folder and source it.
It will execute itself after it's sourced.


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