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gn_calcUVStats 0.9.8 for Maya (maya script)

Calc's Stats and do Error Check's on your UV's

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Last Modified:08/13/2012
File Size: 11.2 KB
Added a Progress Bar for Calculation
Failed UV's will now be selected in Viewport/UV Texture Editor.

Working on a faster Overlapping Check (Cluster based Calculation)
Added Overlapping UV Check. Pretty Slow! I added this optionally.

Doing my first Steps in Object Oriented Programming (me<-brainwashed!).

Sry, but i removed the MEL Code because of the new features.
You can mail me, if you need the old MEL script.
Added UV Check Tool (Range Check)
Changed it to Python.

I appended the Mel code at the end of the python file
One Bug fixed and Performance Upgraded .
This simple and handy Script calcs some Statistics of your UV Layout.
(Utilization in %, Border Edge Lenght, Shellcount)

To get accurate Results, avoid overlapping and wrapping UV's. (Unique UV Set.)

It's designed for Realtime (<20.000Tris) . Don't use it for Highpoly ZBrush Stuff.

Close UV Textur Editor for a dramatic faster Result!

Have Fun ;)

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