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Goomoo Utilities 0.6 for Maya (maya script)

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Last Modified:10/31/2002
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Product:Goomoo Utilities
Version:0.63 English Version
1.Create Sin Curve,noise curve,Z curve,NGon,spiral curve,snail curve,fillet rectangle,lane curve,star(enhanced),spiral along curve,gear curve(NEW),ect;
2.Create Ballstick from polygon edges;
3.Create Wall from curves(degree:1);
4.Create pipe from curves;
5.Curves Booleans;
6.Fillet curve CV,Sharpen curve CV(NEW).Create smooth corner easily!
7.Duplicate Along Curve;
8.Advanced duplicating along curve,the most powerful one that I saw.
9.Duplicate to polygon vertices;
9.Random Extrude polygon(Greeble).
10.Extrude polygon facets along curve.
11.Polygon Smooth Proxy.This feature act as Maya subdivisions.It allow you see the smoothed result when you edit a low-res polygon.
12.Cameras Switching.This feature allow you create cameras switching effects in viewport and in final rendering,this will save up lots of your time and get better result than in nolinear-editing software.
13.Create Double-sided Shader and Toon Shader.
14.Create Object-Light,use this feature to simulate the GI and generate real soft-shadows.
15.File Texture Package:Copy the texture files used in the scene and the scene file together(NEW),just like MAX'S Archive.
16.Random transform points(NEW).

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