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Hanging Rope / Cord Generator (curve generator) 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Creates curves for rope and cord extrusion in just a few clicks. Can use transforms and components!

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Last Modified:08/04/2013
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"Rope / Cord Curve Generator for maya"

This Script is designed to help you generate believable looking hanging curves from and to multiple points, verts, components, tranforms or objects in the order you have them selected.
The script also has 2 randomizing attributes with sliders that give you control over consistency.

Some examples of what you would use this script for:
-Telephone pole wires
-Chain instancing curve 

Gui Description from the provided help documentation:

1. “Weight Randomization”:
- This slider’s limits are from 0.0 - 10.0
- It gives the lowest point in each dip between points some randomization.
- Useful if you have even / consistent spacing and distance between your points and you want some variation in the way it looks..
2. “Attach Randomization”:
- This slider’s limits are from 0.0 - 5.0
- The sharp point at which the curve is “”attached” (not in real time) to an object, or transform, can be randomized to prevent overlap with multiple cord/ rope curves.
- This slider adds an offset in a random direction from the exact location of the point being sampled.
3. “Cord Weight”:
- This slider controls the overall “weight” of the coord, or how much it dips down between points. This works in conjunction with the “Weight Randomization” slider from the first bullet point.
- Negative values will cause rope to rise instead of sink.
4. “Generate”:
- This button generates the curve after any settings have been tweaked / set.
- At least 2 objects / transforms / components need to be selected or this will return an error.
5. “Revert to Selection”:
- This button will reselect the components you had selected before, in the order they were selected in to allow you to create multiple curves with the same settings.
- You must not select anything else prior to using this button, or it will not work, or will return

What this script does not do:

-There is no history, so moving the objects you created the curves from will not move the curves with them.
-Curve cv's are not evenly spaced, but a quick curve rebuild wil fix that.
-No components of this script will animate the curve, that will be up to the user after the curves are generated! 

Any question, comments, improvements, and suggestions please leave a message here and rate if you get a moment :) 

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