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Hexagon Grid Creator 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Script for generation gexagon grid.

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Last Modified:07/17/2016
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mel, maya

This script is  useful for quick building hexagon-like strips or models.

Orient -- determining the origin shape of base hexagon.

Radius -- the radius of each poly hexagon (i.e. the basic size).

N.rows/N.columns -- number of hexagon in row or column.

offset -- define the distance between each hexagon (doesn't affect the size).

Interior Edge -- turn on this option to create edges connecting to the center for each hexagon.
Group Hexagons -- the grid consists of separated hexagons, turn on this option to group all these hexagons (recommanded).

v 1.8---
border -- use this parameter to create a hole in the center of the hexagon, its value should be smaller than the radius, if you input a large number, the border value will be automatically clamped to radius - 0.01

Use Instance -- turn on this to build instancing relation between each hexagons, this setting makes it easier for you to reshape the models

Combine -- combine all the hexagons to a single mesh

Merge vtx -- only useful when "combine" is on, merge the coincident points

v 1.9---
Bugs fixed

Group Option is enabled by default, which is recommended workflow.

Add Thickness: automatically extude the hexagon to give thickness, the extude amount is defined by the "Thickness" slider below.

Keep Bottom Faces: if turned of, the bottom faces of extured shape will be removed.

Move to World Center: force the whole grid to be placed at the world center.

v 2.1---
UI redesigned, the parameters have been separated into different groups to make the workflow more logical.

Additional Border: only available when 'Combine' and 'Merge vtx' options are enabled, this will apply addition extrusion to the outer border edges and make the result more balance.

Fixed bugs when creating multiple groups with same configuration.

enjoy it :)
P.S. leave me a message if you guys find any bugs~ 

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