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hj camera pan and scan 0.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

hj camera pan and scan

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  • 2008

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Last Modified:06/28/2009
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/*This script was written in my spare time at home ( not written in the company)
' MELScript Source File -- Created with Mapy
' NAME: Camera Overscan HUD Enhanced

' VERSION: 0.1

' AUTHOR:  oglop, han jiang , the man who really hates max
    Original Author: MaxtorAG
' DATE  : 5/26/2008
' EMAIL :  in the script
        This script creates three HUD sliders and one HUD button on the top part of the screen,and it moves the old HUDHQCameraNames(the "high quality" hud) to bloack 0 (to the top), three sliders are used to change camera filmback offsets and overscan attr, so you won't alter the cam anim when you want to look at a distant object from the render camera view.the scripts also add 3 attributes to store the old(default) camera shape, when you delete my huds, the attrs will be deleted and the old values will be restored.
        The reason why i didn't create an ui is that i have RMB dropdown menu added to my shelf, so i have a shelf button for this camHud function , and all the remove ,toggle, install hotkey menus are in the RMB dropdown menu of this shelf button.
            hjCameraPanAndScan("TOGGLE");//show or hide the hud, the huds and script job are not deleted
            hjCameraPanAndScan("REMOVE");//delete all attrs i added, delete hud, restore everything
            hjCameraPanAndScan("INSTALL");//install hud and create scriptjob
            hjCameraPanAndScan("UPDATE");//if a camera doesn't update,(usually means something wrong with my script),use this to try to connect attrs for this camera, normally this is not needed
            hjCameraPanAndScan("INSTALLHOTKEY");//install hotkeys to control the pan, it's ALT+ UP/Down/LEFT/RIGHT  and  ALT+ plus or minus sign on number pad. only needed to run this once because hotkeys are saved in user preference and will be working in future maya sessions.
    The original version was written by MaxtorAG, but i found it won't satisfy my requirements
    so i rewrote it and you may see similar var names and procs in my script.

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