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HumanFigurine Crowds Scripting 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

simple scripting for the animators to create crowds of humanfigurine.

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  • 2010

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Last Modified:04/02/2012
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Simple Tool for users to create humanfigurines which has basic kinematic motion.

1.Modeling has been done with scripting.

2.Right now, the initial number for male and female is 10 for each, so 20 total, but you can adjust to as much as you want in the scripting.

3.Then you can group those individual figurines and let the whole group have the same motion: running or walking.

4.The speed of running can be adjusted by the slider.

5.The motion of walking can be adjusted as happy or sad.

6.Collision avoidance happens by clicking the button Create Crowds.


BUT, the problems now are:

1.Collision response is not that realistic.

2.Based on kinematic behavior.

3. Because I did not write specific coding for the initialization setup when switching the state, some craze behaviors will happen.



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