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Illuminati 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

GI Fake Light Rig with lots of control!

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:07/07/2011
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Version History

  • Fixed some legacy hash tags in MEL commands which disabled the scripts from working. If you get warnings ignore them. Tested in 2011 x64 and worked fine. Did not test in 2012.
  • Fixed a bug where the editor, upon load, would automatically turn off all shadows regardless if they were on.

  • Fixed a bug with the intensity multiplier blowing lights out when turned on.
  • Overhauled the Environment Dome and Editor UI in the Dome tab.
    • Dome is now 2 pieces of geometry, split into Sky and Ground. I found that I didn't usually need to render the ground, although I did want the sky. Breaking the 2 apart without hurting the rig wasn't working too well so I rebuilt the Dome and lights to utilize a single hemisphere for the sky and ground.
    • This opened up individualized controls for the Sky and the Ground whereas the Editor is concerned. The editor under the Dome tab now seems to make a bit more sense (I think, let me know otherwise?)
  • Added a visual indicator of the global Sky/Ground intensity via an intensity average. This really helped me get a better idea of global intensity of all lights together as more of a specific "Maya Units" value. The current intensity is roped through some multiply/divide nodes which allows you to use a more physical intensity value (instead of extremely small floats) to tame the brightness.
  • Thinking of adding an average color to give an overall idea of what the majority sky/ground colors are when using a texture (however this feature has NOT been implemented).

  • Added ability to cast MR Shadow Maps in conjunction with rendering with Mental Ray
  • Muted the red on the 'Delete rig' button so it doesn't make you want to click it
  • Added a confirmation window to the Delete Rig button so if you accidentally press it your rig doesn't go byebye!
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed the UI scaling so you can make rig as large as you want (for those realworld scenes)
  • Fixed the scaling attributes so they're not locked. That way you can actually just use the scale tool in the viewport and arbitrarily scale it by eye.

  • Few more bugs gone.
  • Added functionality to give the option to create Spot lights or Directional lights in the main creation gui. You can choose each light set individually. If you want the sunlight to be a spot, sky dome to be spots or ground to be spots.. You have the choice. This may pose interesting results as putting an image into the color slot will not yield more of a gobo effect.

  • More bug fixes
  • Added a multiply/divide node to the sky & ground intensity. Values were getting ridiculously low for good lighting. Now, the default values are 5 for both Sky & Ground dome lighting. You can get much better results with more realistic values now.

  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • Ability to manually pick sky/ground dome lights and move them around the sphere freely for precise placement. If you move them, there is a button in the frontend to restore the lights back to their default positions on the dome.
  • Ability to manually pick sunlight and move it around dome freely as well as rotationally via the frontend.
  • Override Modes now available for the sky/ground lights. This means you can select a few or all lights in the sky/ground sets and break the intensity, color and diffuse/specular attributes from the global rig. This allows you to manually control specific lights if that control is needed.
  • Several other modifications here and there.