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Image Plane and Aspect Ratio 0.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

Can create custom image planes (mesh) and correct film aspect ratio on cameras.

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  • 2012

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Last Modified:06/11/2012
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aspect, ratio, aperture, focal

Updates on 0.0.3:
- optional automatic texture assignment to image plane(s) on creation
new options are:
"none" - no file assigned to the file texture
"one4all" - same image for all image planes (tool will ask only once for an image)
"unique" - individual images for every image plane (tool asks multiple times, camera is specified when asking for image)

Updates on 0.0.2:
- no clusters anymore (direct scaling & positioning of plane)
- film offset now working as well (new bool attribute on camera "Use Film Offset")

"The setup is fully node based (no expressions, fully interactive) and calculates the corners of the image plane from camera aperture and focal length. Locators are placed at these calculated positions. The scaling of the image plane is then calculated from the distance between these locators.
There's an attribute on the camera shape called "Image Plane Distance" which lets you - as the name implies - adjust the plane's distance from the camera. Another attribute ("Use Film Offset") lets you define whether the image plane should be offset with the cameras film offset. A shader with connected file texture is also automatically created (and assigned) to the image plane as well as a display layer."

... more info on my blog!

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