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InteractiveTool 1.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

makes extrude, merge, and bevel become more interactive.

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Last Modified:09/06/2009
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Interactive Tool v1.0.2 Readme (Original script by iconoklast, modified by Leonuts)

Basically, what the script does is makes (currently) extrude, merge, and bevel become more interactive. This means, you don't need to find the attributes in the channel box, click on it and drag, or even mess with manipulators.
I suppose it's a more manipulator-less approach to the tools.

- undo works perfectly now. (from what I've tested).
- clicking and dragging left and right changes values for the current command. i.e. dragging left and right with the LMB pressed alters the extrude along normal.
- ctrl+LMB now works as a global transform for certain tools (extrude face/edge). This is similar to moving things with the MMB with the moveTool.
- holding 'x' (or turning on snap to grid) snaps the translation. i.e. it makes the extrude move by increments. (works on Bevel and all extrude functions).
- the extrude command detects what component is selected and calls the correct extrude for that component.
- ctrl+MMB allows you to select a new face, which will then automatically extrude and of which then you can drag to translate.
- there's a HUD at the bottom right of your viewport that shows you the value for that current attribute. i.e dragging along normal, shows you the value for the normal attribute.

Put interactiveTool.mel into your local /scripts directory. Within maya, type 'source interactiveTool.mel`, or source it via the script editor.

the commands are now easy to remember and all. Just add to the shelf or marking menu any or all of the following commands:
interactive Extrude; // calls the extrude function
interactive Merge; // calls the merge function
interactive Bevel; // calls the bevel function
note that those commands are case sensitive.

for interactive Extrude, the following mouseclick/drag commands are: (These instructions are available in maya when you activate the tool)
LMB: Drag the extrusion along the normal (localTranslateZ).
MMB: Offsets the extrusion
Shift+LMB: Creates new extrusion on the same face and drags along normal
Shift+MMB: Creates new extrusion on the same face and offsets the extrusion
Ctrl+MMB: Allows you to pick a new face to extrude
Ctrl+LMB: Allows you to translate the face in all axis. (like the move tool).

LMB + ctrl+LMB: Allows you to translate the edge in all axis
MMB: scales the edge along the localScaleX.
Ctrl+MMB: Allows you to pick a new Edge to extrude

LMB: Alters the 'Length' value of the extrude.
MMB: Alters the 'Width' value of the extrude.
Ctrl+MMB: Allows you to pick a new Vertex to extrude

for interactive Merge:
LMB: Alters the merge tolerance by dragging left and right
MMB: Alters merge tolerance at a slightly lower increment than the LMB.
Ctrl+MMB: Allows you to pick new vertices to merge.

for interactive Bevel:
LMB: Drag the offset attribute
(Bevel doesn't have many commands, but if requested, i can add things for segments, roundness adjustment, etc).

Updates in v1.0.1:
- Added the two Merge Vertex tolerance values. LMB provides a higher increment than the MMB.
- Fixed a minor clamp value issue for the bevel.

- The ctrl+mmb uses a scriptJob to detect when selection has changed. Weird things happen when a) you deselect everything. b) you switch tools before selecting something.
- Sometimes dragging goes in the opposite direction you drag (i.e. if you drag right, the extrusion might go left). This is because the values depend on the axis you're dragging on. You'll see what I mean. I can create a workaround, but it's easy just to get the hang of, though may get confusing with the merge command. If the merge does nothing, drag in the opposite direction.
- (fixed) Sourcing interactiveTool.mel in userSetup.mel cause Maya to crash. Unable to investigate the cause yet.

*edit 26May2010: You can now source the script in userSetup.mel, just append this line:

evalDeferred("source interactiveTool.mel");

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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