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Inverse Path Tool 1.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

Inverts the motion path between two objects

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  • 2016

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Last Modified:12/17/2016
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#matchmove, #Python

Inverse Path Tool
made by Hyuk Ko

Inverts the motion path between two objects
Was made for matchmoving purposes,
To make 'Still Camera & Moving Object' to 'Moving Camera & Still Object' or the other way around...
But still can be used for many other things. Be creative :)

How to use...
1.Select Still object and click 'Get'
2.Select Moving object and click 'Get'
3.Click 'Inverse Path' to run script

Things to keep in mind...
1.Key baking will only happen within the 'Time Slider Range'.
Check your 'Time Slider Range' before running the script.
2.Check the 'Current key frame' before running the script.
The pose of the 'Moving Object' on the 'Current key frame', will be your new 'Still Object'.


version 1.0.1 fix

Instead of duplicating the 'moving object', just made it to mute it's trans/rot on the current frame

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