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jb_superConnect 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

It's a simple way to create and connect attributes on many objects at a time.

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  • 2010

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Last Modified:11/02/2011
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jb_superConnect allows you to connect many attributes of many objects (of any maya node actually) in one click.
It also contains an attribute creator

It is a very useful tool for rigging, effects, shading ...

About the addattribute part, it does nothing more than maya does, exept
  it does not empty the name field when you create an attribute.

1- select objects you want to add attibutes to and hit ATTRIBUTE FOR OBJECTS:
2- set the attribute name, its type, minimum value, maximum value and default value
3- clic on `Add Attribute`

About the connection part, it allows you to connect as many attributes as you wish at a time
loading a driver and drivens and simply entering attributes you want to connect

For example if you want to connect the attribute `.mouv` you just created on locator1
to the attributes `.translateX` and `.scaleZ` of two objects in your scene let's name them
pCube1 and pCube2,

1- select locator1 and hit `DRIVER`
2- select pCube1 and pCube2 and hit `DRIVEN`
3- in the `connect` field type: `rotateX rotateX`
4- in the `to` field type: `translateX scaleZ`
5- hit the `CONNECT` button!

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