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jcWindowCreator 1.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

Create a window in Maya and generate the code

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Last Modified:09/08/2014
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The idea of this script always has been to keep the tool as simple as possible. With this tool you can create really fast the basic distribution of your elements in the window, defining size, color, command, etc..., and always with the possibility of testing the window during the process of creation.

In Maya there are a lot of elements and a lot of attributes that you can set. In the jcWindowCreator you can only create a few elements (the most importants, I think) with only some attributes to configure. But the trick is, use another element to define the position, scale, color,..., and then in the code change the kind of element. Pretty simple!

The most interesting function of the script is that you can get the code in MEL or PYTHON that creates the window. So, after you create what you need, click "Encode Window" and you´ll get the code in the script editor. Copy it to your script, and modify it! 

I hope you enjoy this script. And please, read the header of the script. There are some important information about how to use properly the tool.


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