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jjj_gammaTools 2.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Automates the insertion and removal of gamma correct nodes in shader trees.

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Last Modified:05/26/2013
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This tool automates the insertion and removal of gamma correct
nodes in shader trees.  Gamma nodes are only inserted where they are
supposed to go, when they are supposed to go there.  The
attributes that get gamma corrected may change over time based on the author's
knowledge growing (hopefully not shrinking).

One of the really nice features of this tool is the ability to either gamma correct color swatches only, or file textures only.  Since Maya 2012 still does not support color management for swatches, you could use this tool to correct your color swatches only.  This way if you are using an application agnostic version of the LWF, where all of your textures are already linear before coming into Maya, you can safely ignore those file textures with this script and gamma correct your color swatches only.  Purty sweet.

VRAY Support just added in v2.0!!

Currently 4 Vray Shaders supported:
1)  Vray Material
2)  Vray Car Paint Material
3)  Vray Fast SSS2
4)  Vray Light Material

Based on user feedback Vray support will continue to grow and improve.  So if there is something you want, just ask.  If I messed something up, let me know.  But ya know...I don't really make mistakes, so, uh, yea. :)

I've had this uploaded on CGTalk for quite some time but figured it would be better to store it here.

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