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jjj_gammaTools 2.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Automates the insertion and removal of gamma correct nodes in shader trees.

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Last Modified:05/26/2013
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Version History

v2.1.2 - Fixed a bug I introduced in v2.1.1 that would double correct gamma nodes.

v2.1.1 - Fixed a bug I introduced in v2.1 that wouldn't update file textures.

v2.1 -     Added support for MILA shaders.  User data shader support added back in.

v2.0.2 -  Added support for maya fluids.  Fixed mip_gamma_gain to be classified as a Utility.

v2.0.1 -  Removed support for the mental ray User Data Shaders.  Previously the script would not work unless you had them enabled.  Now it should work without having those shaders enabled.  I'll add support for them later when I have time to handle it properly.  Easier to just remove them for now since most people aren't using them anyway.