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JM Controller Master 2.8.0 for Maya (maya script)

Quick and easy rigging

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017

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  • Windows


Last Modified:07/02/2020
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Version History



v.2.5 Another Update awaits, New Features under the Joints section are:

-> Custom Joint Orientations

-> Mirror Joints

NEW Tab: Skinning

-> The Tool now comes with a quick and easy way of skinning. My goal was like always to provide not the perfect result, but the best which is possible and most important is quick. therefore I used the Delta Mush deformer and integrated it into a two button function for game-ready skinning.


Of course, it is free so grab it, and try it out for yourself. Read the README for detailed instructions on every tool.

v.2.1 is the newest version of this tool. It makes the pole Vector offset editable after creation and refactored the whole pole Vector math function structure.

The newest enhancement is, the tool is now able to save your joint data to a file and load it automatically when starting the tool again. this way you don't have to redefine your joint names every time you restart the tool.


the newest Version (v2.0) supports multiple names in one joint chain creation, better labeling of your joints, multiple ways to create your pole vector and a lot more! make sure to have a look at the readme file, there is a detailed explanation of every tool! 


The newest Version added the creation of named joints, quick ways to label your joints and reorienting your joints.

The compatibility between the different function is improved (you can now colorize any locator or controller created with the script). the renamer, joint creator and locator creator all got some improvements regarding the naming order.

and the IK section can now create and place pole vectors.