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Joint Orient Tool 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Creates controls to help you orient joints

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Last Modified:12/30/2013
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maya, Rig, Rigging

This is a python script that creates controls to help you orient joints. It currently only works for aligning the X-axis down the joint. I wrote this joint orient tool a while back when I was writing all my rigging tools. I haven't seen much else like it so I thought I'd release it.

Place in your python scripts directory.
Place the png files in your icons directory.
Start Maya.

To install the 5 icons/buttons onto your current Maya Shelf, type into the command line or script editor and run:
import jntOrientTool; reload(jntOrientTool); jntOrientTool.jntOrientTool_Install()

These are the individual scripts if you use your own UI:
import jntOrientTool; reload(jntOrientTool); jntOrientTool.jntOrientTool()
import jntOrientTool; reload(jntOrientTool); jntOrientTool.jntOrient_CleanUp()
import jntOrientTool; reload(jntOrientTool); jntOrientTool.SelOriC()
import maya.mel as mel; mel.eval( "ToggleLocalRotationAxes" )
import jntOrientTool; reload(jntOrientTool); jntOrientTool.tglDisp_jntAxis()

How to use:
1. Select joint or joints and hit 'start' icon or jntOrientTool script.

2. Move the Z controls around to get desired result.

3. To mirror exactly, mirror the translate of the 'Z' but inverse the translate, so if the translateX on the Left joint is 45, the Right should be -45. You can also try inverting the translateY if that's the orientation you want.

4. Run 'clean' icon or jntOrient_CleanUp script to get rid of controls and parent joints back together.

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