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JUTools 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

JUTools collects different tools useful in prod. to speed up some tedious procedures of rig.

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  • 2015

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Last Modified:03/16/2015
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JointTools is a little script that collect different tools that I use in my rig workflow and general workflow.
Also, I think it is can be useful during videogames devel. as I created this script to collect tools that I use during videogames devel. to manage and export rigs and animations for the engine. You have 3 different tabs:
-Joint Create:  Create joints from the current selection (I use it to create by joints), and add constraints. Warning: when you set the voice "Hierarchy" the first joint will be the last to be created.
-Joint by Object: Create joints from the current selection, and it can be single or multiple. If single, one joint will be created from every selected object, if multiple, one joint will be created at the center of selection. It work also with sub-object.
-Add Tools: Create controls with different shapes with or without constraints. Also, you have the Parent tool that is useful to make multiple parent.
As 3d artist and rigger artist I think this tool can be useful.
Your feedback and advice will be very useful.

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