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Keegan_flipShape 3.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Flip blendshapes.

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  • 6.x, 5.x, 4.x

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Last Modified:08/19/2005
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This script allows the user to flip blendshapes. Any number of blendshapes can be flipped at one time. The interface allows the user to define which axis to flip the shapes on as well as three other options. "Combine Blendshape" this creates two new blendshapes, one is the mirrored shape and the other is a combination of the two. "Auto Rename" this invert the direction name (Ex. "Right will become "Left"). If "Rename Blendshape" is "on", after the blendshapes are created, a window is launched allowing the user to quickly rename the created blendshapes.

Accepted direction names for Auto Rename:
r <> l
R <> L
right <> left
Right <> Left

I released this script as version 2.0 because I had a working flipShape script that was very complicated and took a long time to calculate which vertices to flip. I showed this script to Mark Bamforth, who is the Technical Directory at Xvivo. After showing flipShape 1.0 to him, he liked the idea but showed me a technique he developed to flip blendshapes using wrap deformer's. So I re-wrote flipShape using his technique. HUGE thanks to Mark Bamforth for helping me with this script and all the other times he helped me.


2.5-Added "Auto Rename". If "on" the resulting blendshapes will be automatically rename. Ex. "Right_Smerk" will become "Left_Smerk" and the resulting combined shape will drop the direction name "Smerk".

Updated in Script Pack

3.0-Cross platform compatible.


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