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Kinetic Lightning 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Generate a variety of animated lightning effects.

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  • 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:08/27/2009
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kineticLightningDemo.aviKinetic Lightning:  Usage Information

GUI-driven script generates a variety of animated lightning effects between selected objects or locators.  Just select at least two nodes of virtually any type, set desired parameters within the GUI console, click 'Generate Kinetic Lightning', and watch the magic happen!

Path Types:

  • Chain: Lightning travels from the first selected node to each successive selected node in order of selection. 
  • Radial: Lightning radiates from one selected node to every other selected node in order of selection. 
  • Chaos: Lightning travels from every selected node to every other selected node in order of selection.   

Timing Modes:

  • Sequential: Lightning travels between the nodes in order of selection, one after another.  Each new segment begins the frame after the prior segment's leading locator has reached its destination.  
  • Simultaneous: Lightning travels between the selected nodes at the same time.  

Timing Options:

  • Start Frame: Start frame of the kinetic lightning effect.  
  • Segment Duration: Number of frames required the leading locator of a lightning segment to reach its destination.
  • Lag Time: Number of frames required for the trailing locator to begin following the leader. This value effectively defines the length of the lightning segment as a function of time.  

Aesthetic Options:

  • Curve Segments: Kinetic lightning is made up of soft body curves with extruded surfaces. This value sets the number of segments in the kinetic lightning.  
  • Lightning Thickness: Determines how fat the kinetic lightning is by specifying the radius of the circle that gets extruded along the curve from which the lightning is constructed.  
  • Maximum Spread: Controls the amount of jitter in the kinetic lightning. The higher the value, the greater the jitter.
  • Glow Intensity: Specifies the brightness of the kinetic lightning and its accompanying halo when rendered.  
  • Light Intensity: Specifies a multiplier used to amplify or dampen the light cast on surrounding objects.  
  • Lightning Color: Specifies the color of the lightning effect.

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