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ky_dnaGenerator 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

DNA generator script can easily create DNA polygon objects

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Last Modified:07/19/2017
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The DNA generator is a script that made it possible to automatically and rapidly generate polygon model of DNA.
It is also possible to customize detailed settings from multiple presets and create your own model data.
Shaders and animations are also generated automatically, so you can reduce the process from modeling to rendering and help your project progress.
Only one DNA object can be created.When creating multiple DNA objects please export and import.
Please try to generate several types of preset DNA.Simply select any preset and execute the Generate DNA button.

Default DNA ----- Natural random DNA
Orderly  DNA --- Orderly DNA
Random cube DNA ----- DNA generated in cubes with few twists
Jewelry DNA ----- DNA of objects like jewelry

Advanced Setting
Select the primitive that forms the object.
Please select polySphere or polyCube.
In the case of a sphere, specify the radius and number of divisions.

[Spiral] Setting of spiral part
Diameter --- Diameter
Height --- Height
Twist --- Size of the twist
Object Density --- Object density
Object Size Min / Max --- Object Size Minimum / Maximum

Number --- Number of bars
Object Density --- Object density
Object Size Min / Max --- Object Size Minimum / Maximum

Random Percent --- Randomized %
Random Distance --- Distance of randomization

Spiral Shader Color --- Spiral shader color
Spiral Shader --- Spiral shader On / Off
Bar Shader --- Bar shader On / Off

Animate in --- Animation on / off
Anim frame --- Number of frames to be animated
Anim duration --- Total duration to be animated
Random time --- Random time
Anim position --- Animation of positions On / Off

Apply anim --- Apply animation
Delete anim --- Delete animation

Copyright (C) 2017 ky52 All Rights Reserved.

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