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Lattice Tool 1.0.4 for Maya (maya script)

Create and modify lattice meshes from a base object.

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  • 2013

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Last Modified:07/15/2013
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Do you wish you could make beautiful and intricate meshes quickly?

Then this is the tool for you!!

Select your polygon mesh, run the script and hey presto you're on your way to lattice heaven!

Using the "REFRESH" button on the latitice tool will update the lattice to conform with any new edges and vertices you may have created on the control object through the modelling tools in Maya.

How does this work I hear you ask.....

It's quite simple really, the lattice is created by bevelling the original object, deleting the original faces and then extruding the bevel. The "Width" slider will adjust the bevel offset, the "Segments slider controls the number of segmentthe bevel has and the "Extrude" slider controls the extrude thickness.

I know, pretty sweet right...... but WAIT, there's more!

You have the option to add a sphere to each vertex on the model by activating the "Nodes" check box, these can be scaled through the "Node Scale" slider.

And, the "Panes" check box offers you the option ot keep the control object and have a funky glass style shader applied to it.

That pretty much covers the functionality of this script, I've included a neat little icon in the zip file so that you can add the script to one of your shelves in style.

I wrote this in Maya 2013 and have not tested in any other versions....

I'm always happy to receive feedback and suggestions for future updates and will look forward to hearing from you.



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