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ld_selectMe (Selection Sets) 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Create quick simple selection sets to shelf.

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  • 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

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Last Modified:04/13/2012
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This is a tool widely used at work, thought it might come in handy to others.

Maya's own selection sets seem to be node based and therefore limited to that file, this creates a selection script and saves it to shelf to be used in any file.

"Name" name of button as it appears on shelf.
"+" to add selected objects to list.
"-" to remove selected objects from list.
"Create" to create selection set.

Delete key will remove selected list items from the list.
Can use ctrl+LMB to toggle selection sets.

Any ideas on how to improve this tool let me know.
It should work on 2008+ 

Check Version History for Updates.

EDIT: ld_selectMe is now part of ld_animateMe tools in a more compact UI.

ld_selectMe now rewritten to python, results in more dynamic UI and faster creation/execution of selectionsets whist retaining all functionality.

place script into one of maya's script directories and in python, run:

import ld_selectMe

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