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Lighter's Friend 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Creates a dockable all-purpose lighting toolkit, listing all lights in the scene with editable attributes

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  • 2013, 2012, 2011

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:11/26/2012
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rendering, maya, mel

Version History

v1.0 update -
speed and efficiency - new dynamic refresh makes the entire system faster and easier to use.
light linking - created tools for light linking
attribute copy - started working on attribute copy tools
aesthetic updates - now entire light "cell" is highlighted with selection, ADV parameters are lowlighted in cool grey,  green/orange color change with create/edit switch
lots of behind-the-scenes code updates

v0.9 update -
started major overhaul of underlying code - modular design allows individual lights to be refreshed, renamed, duplicated, and deleted within the UI, without a full refresh.
added shadow density control
new right-click menus
solo and mute have been modified slightly - you can solo groups as well (UI updates pending)

v0.8 update -
added tooltips (hover mouse over buttons to see)
started adding error handling (more to come, see feature request)

v0.7 update -

fixed duplication error
fixed bug for keyed or connected visibility
added penumbra and dropoff controllers
changed group handling for special cases
added "mute this group" right click menu
added "collapse/expand" right click menu
other aesthetic fixes and updates

v0.6 update -
continuing to slim down
fully-qualified group names
window setting retention on refresh and un-docking
added right-click functionality to buttons for extra control
added "cone" control for spot lights
added context-sensitive "create/edit" rollout
added selection highlighting in-interface.

v 0.5 update -
aesthetic update
made window dockable
more compact design

v 0.4 update -
added simple V-ray attributes
bugfix - window would not open with ambient lights in scene

v 0.3 update -
added lighttype-specific controls
added quick-collapse feature for large lighting setups
added decay to visible attributes

v0.2 update -
more compact design
automatically hides unused shadow attributes
quick refresh button at top of list

v0.1 -
first release!  Yay!