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Lighting Toolkit 1.0 for Maya (maya script)

This script will creates lights unlinked to...

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  • 5.x, 4.x


Last Modified:02/03/2004
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This script will creates lights unlinked to everything by default (whereas normal lights are created linked to everything)... However, if you select a surface or surfaces... The light will be created ONLY linked to that surface... Which is good for very heavy scenes with lots of light linking.

Still to add:
1. (What lights are linked to WHAT surfaces or if they want) what objects are linked to those lights?

2. what objects are casting shadows on WHAT surfaces?
what objects are receiving shadows from what objects

same convention as the light one... but if objects are hidden.. still list that object
put *surface1* .. or something, to annotate that its a hidden object?

3. create single node spotlight with dmap filter mapped to an intensity curve giving
same effect as 6 node softspotlight, but with one light only... doing the same effect
as making the base of the shadow dark and hard.. and the end/tip soft and faded, etc.

Fixes in this version:
8 node octagonal light... Replacing 6 node spotlight.. 6 node spotlight still avail ... but .. its borked... enjoy

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