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Linux Playblast 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Tool for creating video with sound from playblast

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  • 2009

Operating Systems

  • Linux


Last Modified:02/23/2010
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Here's the problem: Autodesk has omitted support for the creation of video during playblasts in Maya for Linux. A trifle for some perhaps but for animators trying to shuck their Microsoft addictions the ramifications are so severe that the entire software package has been rendered useless. (yuk yuk)

The reason for this is that animators are often required to match their work to an audio track, matching the lips of a character to an actor's voice, for example. In order to view this work a video file must be made that includes a synchronized audio track. Not having the capability to create video, Maya for Linux produces only image sequences that carry no audio information and so is quite unusable for many, if not most animators.

I welcome any technical criticism for this script since I am foremost an animator. I also look forward to reading your comments regarding ways to improve its functionality or features to include in future releases.


  • Lets you choose your own frame rate, image format, frame padding and size

  • Enable “Sound” and select an audio track from a list of your scene's sound files

  • Make your playblast “off screen” so you can continue to work

  • “Write Action” allows you to overwrite or automatically increment to keep your old playblasts without the hassle of repeatedly typing numerical suffixes.

  • Choose your favorite media player and its option flags to view your playblasts

  • Your kids will love it! ;)



    (In Debian open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg)

(In RedHat type: sudo yum install ffmpeg)

  • Outputs .AVI

    (this can be modified from within the script)

  • Not all image formats are supported by ffmpeg

    (try different formats to find which works best for you)

  • Increment creates a folder in your project's images directory to store playblasts


Next Version:

  • Sound offset

  • Video compression options

  • Back massager


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