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Lunar Animation - Hanging Wire Generator 0.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Generate hanging wires between two points with ease.

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Last Modified:06/29/2015
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animation, Rigging

This script makes it quick and easy to create hanging wires inside of maya. Great for adding detail to your scenes.

Usage :

Copy the script contents into a python script window and excute, add to your shelf for easy reuse.

After excuting the UI window will appear. Set the desired amount of slack, the slack random setting allows you to quickly add random amount of slack to each wire generated.

Then just select two transform nodes and then hit  'Generate Wire'

I developed this tool to quickly generate pylon wires for a film I am working on - ROUTE 66 IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE. Which is currently in production at Lunar Animation, Route 66 is a ride film taking you on a journey across the deserts of america in a Shelby Mustang. 

If your interested please check out our showreel at -

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