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Master Constraint tool 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

This is tool written in python for Maya

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  • 2015

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Last Modified:10/16/2016
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This is my first tool that I wrote in python.

This is a tool I wrote to speed up some of the work I do. It has the Maya default constraints with most of their flags available in Maya.
I have written two customized mesh and surfaceConstraints.

- multiple targets can be selected
- up and aim vectors can be added
- clean outliner with no extra nodes
- the option to keep the current rotation values ( HELPS WITH FACIAL SETUPS)

Aim constraint is used for extracting the orientation values from the surface, however 4by4 matrix is also an option, but extra multiplyDivide nodes are needed so user can define the up and aim vectors.

** The target nodes (geometries, transform nodes, joints,etc...) translate and rotation values should not be FREEZED, otherwise the tool won't work. The translate and rotation values of their current state should remain as they are.

Thank you

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