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MAX Skinning Weight Tool for maYa 1.3.1 for Maya (maya script)

Skinning Weight Tool for Maya

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  • 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x

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Last Modified:10/18/2010
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MAXSkinWeightTool v 1.1 for Maya

This is a MEL script similar to the weight tool in 3DSMAX. A model can be skinned using this script without using the maya paint tool. This script provides tools to select vertices and assign them weights. You can also copy, paste, and blend weights between vertices. Each vertex you select displays the objects contributing to its weighting in the dialog list.

Important: The controls on this dialog adjust vertex weighting with respect to the active bone; that is, the object highlighted in the Skin Joint list . When you select a vertex and then change its weighting, if the active bone does not already influence the vertex, the bone is added to the list of bones influencing the vertex. You can ensure that bone assignments don't change by highlighting the bone in the Weight Tool dialog list after selecting the vertex and before changing weighting. Also, the total weighting for all bones influencing a vertex is always 1.0, so if multiple bones influence a vertex and you change the weight value for one bone, the weight values for the others change as well.

Your Tool will be activated only in vertex mode.

How to Install:

Copy both the folders (ie) scripts and prefs folder onto your \\My Documents\maya\(version)\ folder. Overwrite the files. Run the Install.mel script from your script Editor in Maya. Thats it. A shelf Icon is created and the tool could be run by clicking on this icon.

Process 1:

Process 2:


V 1.1     :   Added Paste mirror option, mirror positive X Axis to Negative X axis and mirror negative X Axis to positive X axis .

Figure 1:

Figure 2:


V 1.3     :   Added a new feature to transfer a skin from one mesh to another with different topology and vertex count.


Video guide coming up

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