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May9 - Maya custom tools and prefs 1.10.9 for Maya (maya script)

May9 is a set of settings and tools for Autodesk Maya, from community user base.

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  • 2016

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:06/06/2016
File Size: 23.3 MB
Maya update note: support for Maya 2016 Extension 2 is almost done, I need some help to compile SoftCluster EX for all platform and fStretch on Linux.

May9 is a custom Maya 2016 configuration, created to make Maya more easy to learn, fast and capable. To make it I have develop a lot of custom code and integrate some of the best tools from Maya scene.

Official contributors:

Andrey Menshikov, Davide Alidosi
Symmetry Constraints

Robert Joosten
Maya Search Commands

Wayne Lee
WL Quick Sets

Peter Shipkov

Webber Huang
Soft Cluster EX

Jefri Haryono
Rain Curves From Edges

David Johnson

Asi Sudai
Extract BlendShapes

Paolo Dominici
ZV Dynamics
ZV Parent Master

James Drew, Davide Alidosi

Danilo Pinheiro
dpAutoRigSystem 3.0

Vladislav Bakic
Hilite Move

Mark Jackson
Red9 Studio Pack

Mariano Merchante
Instance Along Curve


Ingo Clemens


Li Wang
Spiral Curve Node and Cmd

Davide Alidosi
Curve To Poly
Interactive Boolean
nParticle Converter

Matthieu Fiorilli, David Johnson (2016 Win build), Peter Shipkov (2016 Linux Build), Davide Alidosi (2016 OS X Build)
fStretch 2

Dragos Olariu

Bryan Ewert

Stefan David

Morten Dalgaard Andersen

Guillaume Barlier
Anim Picker

Guillaume Ferrachat
Curve on Mesh

Christian Hart
Plot Curves

Lidia Martinez
Light List Panel

mSetProject 2.0.1

Pavel Korolyov

Pierre-Olivier Levesque
Geometry Walker

Scott Englertse

Installation Instruction:

1) Close Maya
2) Go to folder: \Users\<username>\Documents\maya\
3) Rename folder 2016 in to 2016_Bak
4) Copy folder 2016 of this archive in: \Users\<username>\Documents\maya\
1) Close Maya
2) Go to folder: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/
3) Rename folder 2016 in to 2016_Bak
4) Copy folder 2016 of this archive in: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/
1) Close Maya
2) Go to folder: ~<username>/maya/
3) Rename folder 2016 in to 2016_Bak
4) Copy folder 2016 of this archive in: ~<username>/maya/

Installation note:
If after load up Maya 2016 the Docked Outliner will not show up correctly is needed to:
1) Collocate current userSetup.mel by run this command:
print `whatIs "userSetup.mel"`
2) Open on a text editor the current userSetup.mel
3) Add May9 userSetup.mel code after the one inside of current userSetup.mel

Un-installation Instruction:
1) Close Maya
2) Remove or rename the folder "2016" located in: \Users\<username>\Documents\maya\
3) Rename 2016_Bak in 2016
1) Close Maya
2) Remove or rename the folder "2016" located in: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/
3) Rename 2016_Bak in 2016
1) Close Maya
2) Remove or rename the folder "2016" located in: ~<username>/maya/
3) Rename 2016_Bak in 2016

Quick Start:
Press and hold Z + LMB = Enable the contextual Marking Menus based on selection, combination of selection or panels
Press and hold Z + MMB = Enable the universal Marking Menu
Press and hold Z + MMB when are active: Quad Draw Tool, Artisan based tools, Sculpt Tool or XGen Sculpt Guides = Enable current tool contextual Marking Menu
Press and hold Z + RMB = Standard Maya RMB behavior
Press release Z = Enable the contextual Hotkey based on selection, combination of selection or panels
(For access to undo command is possible to use CTRL + Z)

Added hotkeys:

CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + S = Delete Static Channels
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Z = MMtoKey Manager
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Q = MMtoKey Resetter
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + C = Crease Tool
CTRL + D = Universal Duplicator
CTRL + Enter = Delete History and Freeze Transform
CTRL + ALT + Z = Reverse to save
CTRL + ALT + SPACE = Enter in Maya Search Commands text field
CTRL + ` = Show the last operation in AE
CTRL + T = Toggle Tools Preference Settings
CTRL + L = Lasso Tool
CTRL + F = Ignore the child and frame only the selected object
CTRL + P = Parent and position
CTRL + 0 = Multi Outliner Windows
ALT + 0 = Docked Outliner
ALT + 1 to 8 = Layouts
ALT + 8 = Paint Effects Panel
ALT + ` = Local tumble Toggle
ALT + Enter = Toggle persp to ortho view
ALT + I = Color Picker
ALT + G = Toggle grid
ALT + U = Toggle Color Management
ALT + - = Set Driven Key Docked
ALT + + = Connection Editor Docked
~ = Orient Manipulators Toggle
8 = Automatic startup IPR or Arnold Render View, based on Render Using
K + Drag = Smooth playback mode
9 + LMB = Universal Marking Menu
H = mHide, toggle visibility of object and poly faces

Changed hotkeys:
CTRL + ALT + Enter = TogglePanZoom
CTRL + ALT + ~ = SmoothingDisplayShowBoth
CTRL + ALT + ` = SmoothingDisplayToggle
ALT + T = UniversalManipulator

Main default preference change:
- Two side lighting is enable (as in Maya 2014)
- Animate Camera Transition is enable (as in Maya 2014)
- Interactive Creation is enable (as in Maya 2015)
- Enable Mental Ray Legacy Render Passes (as in Maya 2015)
- Evaluation Mode is set to DG (as in previous Maya)
- Material Load Mode is set to Parallel (new in Maya 2016)
- Undoable Time Changes is set to On (as in previous Maya)
- Manipulators Pick Range is set to 8
- Anti-aliasing and the Floating Point Render are enable by default in VP 2.0 on Windows and Linux machine
- Playback Speed is set to Play Every Frame, Max Real-time
- X-Ray Active Component is enable
- Hidden attribute in connections exposed
- Membrane Deformer exposed
- Mental Ray Mip shaders exposed
- Bifrost paint Velocity exposed
- Legacy Subdivision Surface exposed
- Manage and clean-up of default plug-ins
- Hotbox have no transparency
- Incremental save is enable and limited to 5 increments
- Color Management is Off for new scenes
- IVE optimization
- Brush optimization
- Tools optimization
- Paint Skin Tool now use custom colors
- Script Editor have enable the Command Completition
- Channel Box is set to 4 decimal precision
- Enabled Hardware Selection on Autodesk Maya 2016 SP1 and above
- Enabled 3D Volumetric Falloff and Selection Highlight on XGen Sculpt Guides on Autodesk Maya 2016 SP3 and above

- From version 1.5.0, May9 auto recognize if is installed the Extension 1 release
- From version 1.6.0 the Anti-aliasing and the Floating Point Render Target in VP 2.0 is disable on OS X machine, for enable it uncommitted line 41 of userSetup.mel
- From version 1.6.1 May9 auto detect the operating system
- Is high recommended to install Maya 2016 SP3 or above
- The dolly movement is not enable on scroll wheel, to enable it go to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Interface > Enable scroll wheel > Enable
- The Shelf is disable by default, to enable it go to Display > UI Elements > Shelf
- The Tool Box is disable by default, to enable it go to Display > UI Elements > Tool Box
- Parallel Override work for Nucleus solver and need Maya 2016 SP3 or above, but break Maya Fluids
- On Autodesk Maya Extension 1, Parallel Override do not work if there is a Maya Fluids in the scene
- The follow Marking Menus can't be correctly modify from Marking Menu Editor due custom MEL code: menu_All_MM, menu_Face_MM, menu_Vertex_MM and menu_Edge_MM

Additional info:
May9 YouTube Channel

Additional Video:
May9 1.8.4 original Interactive Boolean workflow

Introduction to Maya 2016 by using May9

May9 update feature from 1.6.1 to 1.8.1. Special one thousand download

Contextual workflow based on current tool

An introduction to fStretch 2 

New feature of version 1.6.1 

Introduction to new mouse button mapping of 1.5.10

Dynamics solvers workflow

New feature of version 1.5.2

NURBS and Legacy Subdivision Surface 3D modeling

Version 1.5 features

Contributors Tutorial

Custom script Tutorial

Pose Space Deformer workflow

General workflow

Advanced customizing tutorial

SoUP tutorial about: UV, shatter, bake skin deformation and simulation on joint

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