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May9 - Maya custom tools and prefs 1.10.9 for Maya (maya script)

May9 is a set of settings and tools for Autodesk Maya, from community user base.

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  • 2016

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Last Modified:06/06/2016
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Updates of May9 and personal Adjustments

Submitted by: Snatcher Snatcher
Hi Davide,

First thanks for all your hard work on this great package!
I think you are really doing something special here!. 

My Question is:
I Allready have a highly modified version of Maya running, but May9 and especially the MMtoKey is something that speeds up workflow enormously. Something that I coudn't have implemented before. 

I can manually recreate and setup my other personal settings and marking menu's again, on top of the May9 basis. But what would be the best workflow for keeping this up to date with new versions of May9. Because I can't be doing that every time a new version is released.

Need any help?: 
I would also like to help out with some beta-testing if needed. And maybe implement some more marking menu's based on different render engines and stuff. If you want any help, just send me a PM.

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    throttle kitty

    throttle kitty said almost 7 years ago:

    Hi, I use WinMerge and Notepad++ to do exactly this. Winmerge lets me compare two folder structures so I can easily tell what files are modified, then Notepad++ has a difference plugin to compare and edit things as needed. Still not a totally painless procedure however.
  • Davide Alidosi

    Davide Alidosi said over 7 years ago:

    Hi Snatcher, I understand your point, actually I don't have any plan for delta update, anyway I hope to lowering the frequency of update in the future. The only suggest I can give you now is to use a folder compare software like Beyond Compare ( for quickly integrate the update. Off course any help you want to provide is welcome :).
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    Davide Alidosi

    Davide Alidosi said over 7 years ago:

    Hi Snatcher, sorry for late reply, so I reply all in one place: The idea to divide MM to DMM is really good, I've implemented in one of next release I like a lot your addition, if you send me I'll check if is possible merge those on main branch Actualy I dont want add to MMs elements that are not licensable for May9, this is why I've not add any third party render support yet The render error you have notice in some MM I think are related to Maya, MMtoKey use standard Maya procedure to invoke it, anyway check again under version 1.5.10 I've fixed the multi monitor limitation starting from version 1.5.10 Tnx for support, Davide
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    Snatcher said over 7 years ago:

    Oh I forgot, I also noticed this strange behavior on the Marking Menu's. It happends when I slide to a quadrant before the MM is visible. (Moving the mouse to the East before the MM has popped up) For Ultra fast choosing of Functions. This will cause some strange behavior on the bottom commands. They are left behind. when I move my Mouse again, they will snap back in to place. But it kind of annoys me. Do you have this same problem to in your setup? I'm working on a Windows 8 Machine. SP 3.
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    Snatcher said over 7 years ago:

    Hi Davide, Thanks for the Tip, I've been playing around with May9 and MMtoKey, for a couple of days now. And made a lot of adjustments to the setup. Created some more Dynamic Marking Menu's that work with different render engines, A UV-Mode Toggle, that switches the MMtoKey in to UVmapping Mode, and a marking Menu that dynamically loads up all perspective cameras for quick switching between Perspective Cams. I also created a lot of shortcuts for the Hypershade and the NodeEditor, and created MM based on them. I've been thinking about your May9 setup, and wouldn't it be a good idea, to rename Marking Menu's that have custom code in them. to _DMM instead of _MM. It will tell the user that it is a Dynamic Marking Menu and should not be Edited manually. (This way they don't need to read your help file to see what Marking Menus are custom coded.) By the way, I asked the created of MMtoKey allready, but it wasnt perfectly clear to me, how you get MMtoKey from May9 Working on a second monitor. Do you know how? Because it's a big problem for me. Or can't it be done. Any how, thanks again for all the hard work. It's Extremely well done. (P.s. don't you think that you should just put the Arnold Render/Lights in the _DMM, If a user has Arnold it will show those Lights in the Lighting creation tools, if it doesn't it just won't show up. But the code is allready in place. I don't see why it should be left out. I Created it for Vray, so when the user chooses the render Engine. If the user doesn't have the plugin the user will be notified with an onscreen notification that the plugin has not been found... And so will never see the Lights in the Light Creation menu, because the if statement will never be true.)
  • Snatcher

    Snatcher said over 7 years ago:

    Hi David, I installed the new version of May9, to see what changed. It looks like there are some really sweet updates. So I think I have to migrate my personal May 9 version in to the 1.81.I Did a lot of personal adjustments to it, so it will take me some time to integrate it. But that's oké. But I do have a question. In the Old version I'm still using, MMtoKey still has the right mouse button assigned to a personal Marking Menu.But the problem with that version is that it doesn't work on a second monitor. Now in the later version, you guys choose to cut it back to a 2 button Mouse setup. So that it will work on a secondary monitor. Although 3 button setup is nicer, I'm oké with that. But my question is, If I Right mouse button click with the MMtoKey Button pressed. It looks like the Right Mouse button menu. Is different then the Original Maya Menu? Am I correct in understanding this menu has been changed by you? If so, can you tell me where I can find this marking menu? or How to change it myself? Thanks for your help
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    Davide Alidosi

    Davide Alidosi said over 7 years ago:

    Hi Snatcher, I'm glad to see you continue to support my work! TNX! Yes I have update the standard menu from release 1.5.10, if you dont like it just delete: "Documents\maya\2016\prefs\scripts\buildObjectMenuItemsNow.mel" Davide

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