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Head stretch

Submitted by: nufar shaked nufar shaked
Hi Nilesh,

I really love the tool so far and I'm using it to create a full body rig, face included, so I wanted to ask how did you make the head stretch in the "CDK sticky controls tutorial" ( ?

I'm trying to recreate another face rig I use which has stretch controls for the face that moves the face controls with the stretched mesh, kinda like in your tutorial. 

Could you share a tutorial for the head stretch control?

Thanks :) 

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    Nilesh Jadhav

    Nilesh Jadhav said over 6 years ago:

    Thanks for loving this tool nufar! The head stretch and quash in the video, is done by manually. Its very simple to setup but its not done with cdk. In one of my last project I used automated scripted version of head stretch and squash which was project specific. I will try to record video for this thing and will soon upload. Thanks.

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