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Maya Character Development kit 4.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Character Development Kit (cdk).

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Last Modified:07/07/2016
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Love it so far, a few questions though.

Submitted by: bumble bumble

I love this so far. I'm going from being an animator to an animation/rigger. After doing some rigging tutorials I started thinking about automation and found this lovely gem. For the video game I'm working on I have some specific bone counts though, is there a way to limit a few of the joints..

When I generate the preset biped there are more spine nodes than I can use, I did figure out I can simply reparent to get less, but is there a way to make it less automatically? Some sort of integer input for spine joint quantity? There is also a hip & thigh joints. Is there a way to restrict that to just one?

Next, When I hit the "generate Skeleton" button I get an extra elbow joint, same thing, my bone count, can that joint be skipped?

Finally when I generate the rig I get the stretchy arm/leg controls. Can those be removed automatically or can I just have to delete them after the fact?


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  • Nilesh Jadhav

    Nilesh Jadhav said almost 7 years ago:

    Thanks for your review Russ. I have uploaded a video for you, You might find your answers in that video. Please let me know if anything else you want to know.. Cheers !!

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